Zucot Gallery


Address: 100 Centennial Olympic Park Dr, Atlanta, GA 30313

Phone number: (404) 380-1040

Website: https://www.zucotgallery.com/

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ZuCot Gallery, located in the iconic Castleberry Hill district of downtown Atlanta upholds this very principle and believes that the world is subjective and objective and these two stances are always interrelated, no matter how hard we try to break them up.

Presently, ZuCot is the largest African-American owned fine art gallery when compared to all its contemporaries in the Southeast.

More than anything else, ZuCot is a full-service art company that revolves around exhibiting and promoting art pieces that have been fashioned by living African American artists and in a way commemorates the illustrators for their unsurpassed contribution.

Located across an area of 3,500 sq. foot, the décor of the gallery amalgamates constituents of both the traditional and modern and highlights the creations of some of the most copious artists of the day.

Furthermore, an international assortment of original work is comprised of pieces by artists who belong to unalike national and cultural backgrounds thereby, further enriching their collection.

In order to multiply the overall appeal of the gallery and furnish its patrons with an unparalleled art collecting experience, ZuCot Gallery equally showcases works of budding and veteran collectors accompanied by solitary, significant and stunning services.

There is a string of events organized by the gallery apart from the general educational programming and they include corporate events, cocktail gatherings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, fundraisers, luncheons, rehearsal dinners, and even weddings. The objective of ZuCot is to unite like-minded individuals so that they may successfully form a network through proffering art that is not only of the highest-quality but accommodates infinite ideas and belvederes.

According to ZuCot, your taste in art reflects your innermost thoughts, beliefs, personality, and convictions and there cannot be a greater truth than this. When you look at a gallery, the frames that intrigue you the most and influence you to take them back home are the ones that are a true gateway to your soul.

ZuCot Gallery organizes events throughout the year, all of which are more or less meant to serve the clients with a comfortable environment and informal and interactive way of being conscious about valuable art.

The Gallery is open for the visitors from Monday to Thursday appointments only and on Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm. ZuCot gallery remains closed only on Sunday.



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